NEW DLC! - Demon Scourge

Face the Demon Scourge on February 13, 2024!

The Game

Explore the Realm of Eo

Win over mighty heroes to go on adventures for you, find useful artefacts and ingredients or bring back riches. Seek out talented apprentices to expand your domain and workers to gather a wealth of resources for you. Unearth the secrets inherited from your master and follow his quest to tap and unleash the ultimate source of magical power – the Allfire!

Face powerful foes

Among the other mages, there are those who would oppose your rise to power. You will have to face great armies and even greater ambitions of your rival Mages. Can you survive the struggle for domination? To expand your domain, you will need to control sources of Allfire, so you can fill your grimoire with new magical spells, craft mighty artefacts, and expand and improve your tower.

Choose wisely

Become a Necromancer creating dozens of powerful undead, an Alchemist concocting potions and explosive vials for use in battle or an Artificer crafting glyphs and magical items to furnish your troops with. Bolster your might with over 60 spells and more than100 different troops from lowly goblins to majestic griffons.

Leave your mark

Befriend cities, harvest resources, and expand your domain. Fill your grimoire with arcane knowledge to best your rivals as you vie for sources of power. Hunt arcane artefacts and unearth the long-hidden secrets of the Shapers or take control of mythical locations to absorb their power. Improve your tower and furnish it with new rooms to grow your dominion, with upgrades ranging from a necromancer’s crypt to the mystical crystal chamber

Tower on the fly

Your immense magical sophistication allows your tower to levitate from the ground and travel the lands. On your path to exploit the sources of magical power on Eo, you will face New Purity fanatics, hostile granite dwarves, and bloodthirsty orcs. Encounter undead, demons, and monsters as you explore forgotten ruins or help a village haunted by ghosts. You might even need to face the other wizards’ armies of minions and best them in battle so you can march on your competitors’ towers and reduce them to rubble. Or perhaps you might find a way for you to appease them and profit from their knowledge?

Demon Scourge (DLC)

Demons and Trolls have invaded the realm in this challenging expansion. Take on over 120 new adventures as a Demonologist, command cultists, and grow demonic spirits in your hapless minions. Face terrible demon lords or enter dangerous pacts with them.

  • Expand and improve your tower and construct new rooms to forge your wizard’s path

  • Choose from one of three archetypes and six spell lists, all allowing different styles of play

  • Recruit individual heroes and apprentices to lead your troops

  • Make the living interactive grimoire reveal new secrets and spells to you

  • Craft anything from magical glyphs and artefacts to undead minions

  • Explore over 600 adventures different with each procedurally generated campaign



Spellforce - Demon Scourge (DLC)

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Demon Scourge (DLC)